Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Yesterday was my son's fifth birthday. It was such a great day, well actually a weekend. We decided to forgo the usual birthday party and have a special day just for him in Victoria. It was a day where he decided what we did and where we went for lunch. So he picked the Victoria Bug Zoo, a balloon and ReBar for lunch my favorite place to eat, the Curious George sandwich is his favorite.

We had a great day of yummy food, Elvis look a likes (that's my husband, my daughter pointed up at the Elvis picture and said "da da" we got a good laugh out of that one) huge bugs and a blue balloon that may still be on the Munroe's ceiling.

Sunday was spent with Grandma, more balloons and lots of fun. And yesterday, his actual birthday we had a pancake breakfast, presents another fun day with Grandma (I did a breastfeeding home visit), birthday soup, the boy's favorite supper and cupcakes, with candles of course.

Although it is a time and day to celebrate my son's birth, it also feels like a time to reflect on my own birth, my birth as a mother. It was five years ago that I was born into this new life, this new identity that would change me forever. His birth began a shift in my consciousness in a way that I never expected. We often forget to acknowledge and celebrate this birth, the one each of us experience when we become parents. I always say, when a child is born so is a mother and father. I didn't make myself a cake or buy myself presents, but I did take some time to reflect on what it has been like being a mum for the past five years and how I am so happy that he chose me.


Anonymous said...

I never noticed that elvis factor before! I just finished my blog about No b-day and the title is very similar hahaha...happy birthday catherine

Dadaholic said...

I had a great time on your B-day little L! Thanks for the great posts sweetie. luv, Elvis (daddy)