Sunday, January 18, 2009

beautiful babies

Yesterday we had a reunion with the mums and dads from my September Birthing From Within class. It was so amazing to see these little ones that were all present during the class, they just hadn't been born yet. We had such a great time seeing each other again, sharing birth stories, talking about what it is like to be parents now and all of the changes that brings. It's always amazing to me what courage it takes to birth a baby, in whatever way that birth happens and the willingness to be open to each new day and all the challenges it brings with being a parent. One of the mums wasn't able to attend and she was deeply missed (we are all sending you are love). These were all such beautiful babies and such beautiful mums and dads. I love my work!

If you're wondering where the dads are in this picture, they opted to stay out and have it be a picture with me and the mums and babies.

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Regan said...

I love your point about how the babies were with us, they just weren't born yet. It is so hard to get my brain around the fact that babies learn in the womb. I know it's true - it's just one of those intangible ideas that you can't see or touch. Thanks for hosting the reunion! And yes, our fourth mom and dad were missed... I hope everyone is doing well!