Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I recently went to a talk on toys and play spaces for the young child. We learned so much that night which I will share in a later post. But one of the things that I really took home with me was how inspired our young children are by our work. To them it isn't a chore, it isn't something to grumble about because we think someone else should be doing it, it is new, interactive and fun. I surrendered to this idea a couple of weeks ago and started to find the joy in my daily work around the house. Don't get me wrong, I haven't gotten myself a set of pearls, fancy dress and high heels to prance around the house in, but I have started to look at my work here as something that can be positive.

Many people will say that children reflect back to us what they live. On this day, my daughter picked up the broom and decided to clean up the kitchen. She had such a great time, even though she really just spread the dirt around more. It was so amazing to see her have joy in something that in the past I complain about doing. It is a reminder that life is right now, right now, and right now. It is not just in the summer for my two week vacation, doing things that I love to do. The beauty of life is in each day, each hour, each moment, even when I'm sweeping the floor with my daughter.

****Just a note: I'm not a 1950's housewife. My husband does his fair share too around the house. We both agree it's important for our children to see each of us doing the house work, which means I get out in the garden and prune trees that I can't really reach too.

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