Monday, February 9, 2009


So, I know that kids are supposed to get homework and parents are supposed to reminisce about the days when it was once them who were trying to finish their assignments on a Sunday night. Not in our case. In my son's school there is no homework (well, he's only in kindergarten), but for the parents however, we are given assignments on a regular basis.

The current clothes for "the little ones." These are little faceless dolls that the fairy mother is bringing to the children each day. She leaves them outside her door (a spot under a big old tree) and each child gets one of their very own. The other day my son comes home from school and says, "mummy, I still haven't gotten a little one yet" as my heart started pounding like the time I came to school and forgot to do my math, I remembered that the "little one" was still naked in my office waiting for clothes. The thing about this whole thing is that the children are not supposed to know under any circumstances that the parents are actually making them. It was was handed to me incognito, top secret! Notice the picture of the fancy sushi I was eating in Vancouver when I should have been doing my homework...oops.

So, tonight I decided that since I get to do most of the homework for school, I'd let my husband, who boasts that he got an A in grade 8 sewing to take on the task. Hmmmm....what is that saying? "Pride cometh before the fall"?? Yep, here he is, love of my life, struggling to make a disco pant suit for the little one. There is not enough embroidery thread (which he still can't figure out why he can't just use a sewing machine), the velour is too slippery so the front of the leg is longer than the back and the idea of a back stich has got him baffled (we both had to look it up on Wikipedia). Who knew that early childhood education was going to involve a crash course in hand work. It sure makes for some good laughs though!

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Anonymous said...

who says you have to do it by hand?? I did mine on the machine