Thursday, October 2, 2008

fim event

This Sunday, October 5th at the Duncan Garage Showroom, I am hosting a benefit screening of "What Babies Want." This is an eye opening film looking at the new information that we now have regarding the consciousness of infants. There was a time when we believed that we could slap the baby on its bum at birth, or separate it from its mother in a nursery and that it wasn't aware, it didn't have feelings. Through groundbreaking research, we now know differently. With Noah Wyle's narration of the film, we are brought into a whole new world of who our children are.

All proceeds from the film will go to benefit the "Healthiest Babies Possible" program at the House of Friendship. Wheather you are pregnant or thinking of starting a family or if you already have children, this film opens the space for us to discuss how we wish to honour our children.

After the film we will have door prizes and a panel discussion. I encourage you to be there, it will be a fantastic afternoon.

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