Tuesday, September 9, 2008

river day

Now that the boy is in Kindergarten (how this happened I have no idea, wasn't I just taking him to parent and tot?) I decided that the one day in the week that he is not in school should be a quiet home day, or at least a nature day. So after a bike ride to the farm store and some lunch, I packed up both kids and went to the river. This is one of the things that I love best about living here, that my children and I can just truly be in nature and they can explore their world around them and be free to throw a rock if they like.

As I was watching my son play in the river, sending leaf boats down a canal some other children had made and left behind, I had this moment of sincere contentment. It didn't matter that dinner needed to be made or that I had a list as long as my arm of chores that needed doing or work that needed completing. It was such a gift, that on a Monday afternoon, I had no where better to be than at the river with my children.

I can get so caught up in all that needs doing in life that sometimes I need reminding that just doing nothing is as important as doing everything. Now that the boy is in Kindergarten, I am reminded all the more to just be here right now, because before you know it they grow up faster than you want them to. Days like this at the river, with my two children and the ravens overhead are those moments when he is 20 I will look back on and be so glad I ignored the chores and just hung out with my kids.

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Anonymous said...

And it accelerates! So glad we can be favorites.