Monday, August 18, 2008

stay awake

Over the past couple of days we've had some friends come and stay with us with their newborn babies. It is so amazing to hold these little ones, to see my little one crawl up to them, so fascinated by the newness of their lives. Its almost like she knows them from before they all arrived on this earth.

As I was looking at some pictures that my friend had taken of her with her baby, it reminds me that mine was like that too not so long ago. Time goes so quickly, spent on complaining about sleepless nights, spit up stained clothes, the ever elusive shower that you try so hard take before the sun goes down.

I can get so lost in the story, so lost in the dream that I forget to stay awake. Having newborns in the house reminds me that the magic is right now. It is about truly surrendering to this moment and being present because before you know it, your baby looks like Gulliver on his travels as she pulls herself up on the playpen and looks in at an image that not so long ago was once her.

This picture is of my little one only 8 months feels so far away.

Stay awake to this moment right now.

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