Thursday, August 7, 2008

a flower and a peach

This morning, as I was eating breakfast with my family, my daughter looked over at the windowsill and pointed at the Black eyed susans in the vase. We said, "flower." A minute later she was looking at me smiling and then she said her first word, "flower." We couldn't believe it. A full two syllable word, flower, just like that. It was amazing and perfect because her name is Violet. And then all by herself, she ate an entire peach, just holding it in her hand, skin and all.

It's these moments that make me so grateful that I am home with our children and so grateful that my husband is too. The most precious things can happen at the most ordinary times, like enjoying a bowl of granola on a sunny summer morning with my family, watching our one year old eat a peach and looking at the black eyed susans from our garden that would inspire our baby to say her first word. Magic.

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