Monday, July 6, 2009

a summer to savour

Summer is fully upon us giving us many opportunities to do everything and nothing. The school year is full of events, drop off, pick up, parent meetings, class meeting, meetings about meetings. It seems like during the school year there is always something that needs doing that our front door often seems like a revolving one.

Now that we are on summer holidays (notice how I said "we" not my son), many people ask if I have the kids signed up for soccer camp, drumming camp, swimming lessons, art camp, day camp or anything out of the house camp. It is as though it is too challenging for us to simply slow down and savour summer for what it is, a break.

So this summer, I am thoroughly enjoying not having to be anywhere for anything or anyone. The children are not enrolled in daycare or any other form of group activity. Some days we get up and enjoy the garden outside, some days we go to the beach and sail boats and some days, like today, we go to the library and stock up on a great pile of books. And even though there have been moments where I long for my morning "off", I really enjoy the simplicity of not having a schedule. Sure, trying to have lunch with a friend and finish a sentence with two children with me is impossible but I know that there will soon come a day when these days feel like a dream.

It's such a cliche to say it all goes by so fast, but it really does and if I don't savour this moment, right now, right now and right now, I will regret it forever. Children are magic, how do you savour the summer with yours?

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