Wednesday, July 8, 2009

finding some grounding

So, these past couple of days haven't been as wonderful as our boat float day at the beach or library day. Actually, they have been hell. My boy has been pushing every button there is, and when he is done with that, he seems to have invented some new ones. My daughter, who is now about to turn 2, is beginning to follow along with whatever her brother does.

It is official: I am outnumbered.

So after a ridiculous day that would put the Gong Show to shame and an only minor meltdown on my part, I left the house. No, not with the kids in it alone, they were with my husband. I went to a La Leche League meeting. For those of you that don't know much about La Leche League or perhaps have heard some rumours that they are just breastfeeding Nazis, I am here to set you straight. The local group here is amazing, the leaders, amazing, the support, well, amazing. It is the largest non-profit women's organization in the world. It is a group dedicated to the support of women and their children in their childbearing and mothering journey. The meetings focus on a topic every month and there is always time for women to bring forth their questions or concerns. In this supportive atmosphere, women are given mother-to-mother support. Honest, compassionate, non-judgmental support.

So tonight, after a day that should have been a joke on candid camera, I went to a meeting where I was met with understanding, camaraderie and wisdom. I feel more grounded and am reminded that like this tree, my roots are strong and although sometimes a gale comes and tries to knock me over, my branches are always reaching for the sun, doing the best they can each day. If you haven't been to a La Leche League meeting, consider going, you might be surprised what you find there.

Oh, and if you are wondering if I am still savouring the summer after all this, yes of course. I am still happy to be with my children and enjoy the break, but I realized tonight, that I just needed a break of my own, on my own. Maybe you do to?

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