Monday, March 2, 2009

birth community

This past weekend Beautiful Birth had its own booth at the Vancouver Island Baby Fair in Nanaimo. It was a fantastic weekend and a great success. It was so great to meet so many families, mums who were expecting their first child and some who already had four children!

One of the best parts of this weekend was having the opportunity to feel a part of the birth community. My very dear friend and amazing Midwife was there from Plum Midwifery with her husband and 6 week old baby. The Nanaimo Mother and Baby Society was also there along with Natural Creation who not only make really wonderful aromatherapy products but are also doulas themselves. And then there were my two amazing friends and collegues, Kris Lang from Belly Love and Tina Hamill from La Ronde family childcare. We all work together as doulas as well as in the community and they offered their time to come and help throughout the weekend. The whole event was a great success and thanks to Devon at Tall Tree Photography, I was able to use photos that she had taken of my past clients, thanks Dev! This whole experience was so great, I can't wait to attend the next one.


Anonymous said...

yippee! glad it went well!

Anonymous said...

It was lovely to have you across from us at the fair!
Thanks for linking us to your lovely blog.


Natural Creation