Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Beginings

My daughter had her first birthday a couple of weeks ago. We celebrated a year survived, a year of adventure and a year of new beginnings. With this milestone in her life, I find myself reaching a new one in mine. It seems as though the first year fog has lifted and I am seeing things in a new way. I decided to go back to cloth diapers, be brave and purchase a bike (I live in town which is flat and have no reason most days to drive), to make more time to walk in the woods and to start a blog. So here it is the first post of many to come. I keep having these moments in the day, a moment where I learn something about myself as a woman, a wife, a mother, a mentor, experience something amazing or see the wonder of the world around me and it seems so big I can hardly breathe, and I want to share it, document it, remind myself not to forget it. This past year has been a daily lesson in surrender, releasing attachment to what I may think is ideal and learning to be present in the moment. This next year begins with a new bike, less ice cream and a new doula and mentoring practice here on the island. I remind myself that "What I dream, I will create" The possibilities are endless.

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tall tree photography said...

way to go! looking forward to reading your blog.