Sunday, February 6, 2011

in love am I

So Valentines is just around the corner, but this post has nothing to do with the love I have for my husband, nor my family, at least not directly. The love that I feel so deeply, so passionately, so enthusiastically has everything to do with this cookbook (and it's writer, but not in a weird way-I promise : )

After a night of hitting my culinary rock bottom with a recipie from The not-so-Joy of cooking, salmon croquettes, to be exact, I had literally thrown in the tea towel. I don't know about you, but coming up with interesting, yummy, easy to make suppers each night can feel like a chore worse than scrubbing toilets with a tooth brush. And after my Salmon croquettes became one giant pile of dogs breakfast in the fry pan I thought that would be the end of me.

And then I found her...Nigella, unadulterated home cook, mother and lover of all things delicious and easy in the Kitchen. So I ordered it straightaway and I haven't been able to stop myself from cooking out of this book. As I speak a flourless chocolate lime cake is cooling on my counter that I am taking to a party tonight. Ymmmmmmm!

So why tell you about this? To put myself on some Uber-Mother pedestal, to make you feel poorly about buying food at M&M's or to make myself feel more superior? No my friend, none of the above. I tell you about this because I'm sure if you are reading this you are either already a mother or about to become one. Nothing makes us feel worse than bad food and even worse, feeling too overwhelmed to make good food. This ladies, is the answer to your prayers. The food is easy, delicious, different, nutritious and down right, feel-good food. Sure there are a few odd things like Tamarind paste and Nigella seeds (yes, really), but it is a bit like a culinary adventure that is forgiving. Can't find Tamarind paste? It's ok, you can leave it out, or you can order from here.

Now I know the zealous home cook cooking out of her favorite recipe book is not a new idea (We all loved Julie and Julia). But what I am going to do here is nothing of the sort. I'm not going to cook aspic (yuck!) or write about every recipe I make (well, maybe). What I want to do is share with you how much you can fall in love with your kitchen again, cooking again and I dare say, eating again. I'll take a picture of my cake later and in the meantime, please check out this book, it is no ordinary cookbook. Oh and the love for my family, yes, I share it with them every night over a very yummy supper. My son has actually started asking "can we have Nigella food tonight?" And my answer, "Absolutely!"

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