Tuesday, September 22, 2009

eight years

Eight years ago today, we got married in an old church in Vancouver on the first day of fall. We went to Tofino (my most favorite place on earth) this past weekend on our own (first time in 6 years) to celebrate.
We walked on the beach, through an amazing trail in the woods, ate super yummy food and watched the sunset. It was beautiful. Happy anniversary my love!

No, that isn't our son in the back ground. This was the best picture we were able to take of ourselves whilst holding the camera in my hand. This boy appeared in the background. Anyone skilled at photoshop?


Anonymous said...

happy, happy day, you two! lots of love - xo e.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Where did you stay, Mike and I want to go to celebrate 10 years of not being married!

beautiful birth said...

Hey Con:

We stayed at The Sauna House on Chesterman Beach. It's a cute little place, not too expensive. They have two options, The bird lovers loft and the sauna house that actually has a little sauna in it. Congratulations on 10 years of love!