Friday, May 22, 2009


I found this video today that was created by a homebirth midwife in Oregon. It is a collection of families in her care that gave her permission to publish their photos. I often hesitate to post things like this, worried that I will send the message to anyone who is reading that I only support home birth. This absolutely is not true. The main component to my practice, both in my classes and in my doula care is supporting women in making choices that are right for them, including where they want to give birth . I truly believe that whether at home or in hospital, birth is an amazing, life changing, powerful moment in any woman's life, it is her right of passage and location doesn't change that.

For low risk women under the care of registered midwives, home birth has been shown to be a safe option for women and their babies. I want to share this video with you so for those who have never seen a home birth, you can have a glimpse of what it can look like.

Note: This video has some graphic images.

Grab a tissue....


Anonymous said...

Love it!

Reesh said...

This was just so beautiful. One question though, I simply must know who sings that beautiful song?
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