Thursday, November 13, 2008

how much?

I have a good friend staying with me and yesterday we started talking about toys and how much is too much. I have to admit that my children are really fortunate. They have a lovely home and a playroom all to themselves (although they would rather play in the kitchen with me). They also have a mother who loves wooden toys, not just for their open ended nature, but also for their beauty. So we started talking about how much does a child need and does wood really make for a better play experience than plastic. With all of the toy recalls from China, the idea of natural toys is certainly gaining popularity.

My friend's question was, is a playroom full of wooden toys any different than a playroom full of plastic ones? Are we teaching our children a sense of gratitude when they are given so much abundance? How many trucks does a four year old need even if he loves to play with each one? How many dolls does a little girl need? I have friends that have more than 5 for their girls and they love each one. And if we are trying to embrace the idea of simplicity parenting, wouldn't they love just one doll, just one truck if that is all they knew? Are we so overwhelmed by all of the amazing choices we now have for beautiful, wooden, woolen and handmade toys that we have forgotten the idea of quality over quantity? Now that Christmas is just around the corner, I am beginning to question my willingness to fulfill my son's one and only request for Christmas, "just one more truck, it's the last one, I promise!" Is gratitude only taught when we are given something we didn't ask for? What are we really giving our children at Christmas?

***we won this seesaw at Mayfest, I bought a $2.00 raffle ticket and they love it***

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